“I’m an army veteran and America-First conservative. I’m running for Congress because the Radical Left and the RINO’s in Washington turned their backs on the America-First agenda.

I’ve fought in the Florida Legislature for our conservative values and now we need strong conservative fighters like Donald J. Trump in Washington that will always put America First.

That’s who I am and what I’ll continue to do.”

As the most conservative member of Florida’s state legislature, fighting for what’s right is what I do. I’ve fought for these issues in Florida and now it’s time to take on the corrupt, DC swamp.

Stop Biden’s Radical Agenda

Secure our Border & Build the Wall

Fight Against Woke Corporations

Ban China from Buying America’s Land

Protect Parents’ Rights

Remove Wokeness from our Military

Defund the Marxism in our Schools

Secure our Elections

Protect the Second Amendment

Defend the Lives of the Unborn

Enact Term Limits for Every Politician

Lake County GOP Chairman Anthony Sabatini is a tough, dynamic, and most of all—a proven Conservative Fighter ready to put America First.