“I am an America-First conservative and I’m running for Congress… because the spineless and corrupt Republican Establishment turned its back on President Trump and refuses to fight for our America-First agenda.

We need a Conservative Fighter that will always put America First.

That’s who I am and what I’ll continue to do.”

As the most conservative member of Florida’s state legislature, fighting for what’s right is what I do.  I’ve fought for these issues in Florida and now it’s time to take the fight to Washington D.C.

Crack down on Big-Tech censorship

Full forensic audit in every state

End illegal immigration

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Bar transgender men from girl’s sports

Create term limits for EVERY politician

State Representative Anthony Sabatini is a tough, dynamic, and most of all—a proven Conservative Fighter ready to put America First.

Endorsed by:

Sen. Rand Paul

Roger Stone

Rep. Matt Gaetz